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Back Issues

Sep Studio Remodel, USB Dynamic Mic Shootout, MXL 2001 Winner
Aug MXL 2001 Giveaway, The Mystery Vocal Booth, two AT5040 Reviews
Jan Analog Tape vs Digital Recording Shootout, NAMM New Mics Report, NAMM Tales
Dec 10 Tips for Vocal Recording, Hot Rodded Mics for Cheap
Nov SM57 Insider Secrets, Editor’s Choice Gear
Late Oct How It’s Made – AEA R44 Ribbon, Cardioid Ribbon Mic Shootout (Voiceover), AES Report
Oct Tube SDCs on Acoustic Guitar and Drum OH, U87 Shootout (vs. U87!)
Sep Tube SDC Shootout, Live Sax Ribbon Mic Shootout, Death Magnetic Still Sounds like Cr*p
Late Aug Ragefaces (and the tube SDC shootout), Robotic Piano preamp shootout
Aug Earthworks DP30/C Giveaway, Neumann/Sennheiser factory tour
Jul Oceanway Studios Vocal Mic Shootout
Jun Sterling ST59 Giveaway, Monster Kick Mic Shootout, Interviews with Microphone Makers
May Getting Simple, Boom Arm Shootout, Ribbon Mic Poster
Apr Audio-Technica AT4050/LE Giveaway, DIY Mic Upgrade Capsules, Video Corner
Mar Ear Trumpet Labs, Name That Mic, Mic Sets again
Feb 3-Zigma, Finishing, More Cheap LDCs, Mic Sets
Jan RealTraps, Shure Month, Ethan Winer
Dec Kel Audio, Cheap Condensers, Capsule Guide II
Nov Avenson Audio, Ribbons on Acoustic, Documentaries for nerds
Oct Magneto Audio, Huge drum OH shootout, AES
Sep Aventone Pro, Tube Mics for VO, ML19 Doh
Aug Shure, Ultimate Podcast Mic Shootout

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