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    6573 Cochran Rd., Building 1
    Solon , OH 44139
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CAD Audio

CAD is a division of Omnitronics, LLC. The company designs microphones for stage and studio use, and manages quality control in-house (in Ohio). Although all manufacturing was formerly done in Conneaut, OH, it has since been moved overseas, although with the introduction of the E100S in 2009, CAD has begun some manufacturing in the US again.

Comments on the 3daudioinc forum in early 2007 suggesting that CAD’s mics were manufactured by Alctron led the company’s VP of Engineering, Kelly Statham, to reply:

I also want to clarify that Ningbo Alctron does not make our microphones or supply us with microphones. Ningbo Alctron snagged photos of our Trion mics off of the web, “photo shopped” their logo on them and put the photos in their catalog and on their site in an attempt to lure business partners. This has lead to rumors associating them with us.

But in any case, it is well known, or at least widely believed, that all the Chinese manufacturers share or copy each other’s product designs, and it seems to be true that any successful design can quickly be found in multiple vendors’ catalogs.

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