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  • CAD Audio
    6573 Cochran Rd., Building 1
    Solon , OH 44139
  • +1-440-349-4900

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CAD Audio

CAD Audio was founded in 1988 as the Pro Audio division of Astatic Commercial Audio Products, a manufacturer of boundary and installed microphones. For at least some of the history of these firms, both were divisions of a parent company called Omnitronics.

The company was reorganized in 2008; the Astatic commercial product line was merged with the pro audio line under a new corporate identity, CAD Audio. The pro audio website was moved from to at that time.

Although the CAD products, including capsules, were initially manufactured in Conneaut, OH, all production was moved to Asia, probably around 2000–2001. With the introduction of the E100S in 2009, CAD has begun some manufacturing in the US again, albeit with parts and components sourced globally.

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