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  • Neumann
    Ollenhauerstr. 98
    Berlin 13403
  • +49 (30) 41 77

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Founded in Berlin in 1928 by inventor Georg Neumann, the company has been at the forefront of high-end audio design for over 70 years.

Neumann has created over 90 microphone designs, including numerous firsts:

  • First switchable-pattern mic
  • First remotely switchable-pattern mic
  • first spherical-omni condenser capsule
  • first stereo mic

The company was acquired in 1991 by the Sennheiser Group, but retains its brand independence. A new manufacturing facility, including both an industrial production line of CNC machines, lathes, and drill presses as well as a cleanroom for assembly of sensitive components such as condenser capsules, was created at the Sennheiser factory in Wenebostel, Germany. The brand’s headquarters remain in Berlin.

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