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Advanced Audio Microphones

Advanced Audio Microphones is the imprint of Dave Thomas, well-known mic modder from British Columbia. The company imports a handful of tube and FET mic models from one of the higher-end factories in China, then individually tests each mic upon receipt.

The tube mics are upgraded at the AA shop, with circuit improvements and in some cases new output transformers. Customers have the option of requesting upgraded capsules, too; Advanced Audio offers selected capsules from Peluso Microphone Lab.

Dave Thomas’ mods to the Alctron HST-11A (and clones) are well-known and well-regarded around the web, and have spawned a commercial product, the AA CM-12.

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Mods and Repairs

Advanced Audio Microphones

Dave provides capsule, tube, transformer, and circuitry changes for numerous vintage and contemporary microphones, both for repair and upgrade purposes.

He offers capsules from China as well as Peluso Microphone Lab, based on application or customer request.

Transformers can be replaced with Cinemag units or Chinese emulations of classic European models.

He has developed circuitry improvements as well, to increase headroom and lower distortion.

Selected Mods and Repairs