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Peluso Microphone Lab

John Peluso learned microphone design from Verner Ruvalds, a Latvian physicist who had worked for Georg Neumann during World War II, to help produce the early Neumann microphones.

His company, Peluso Microphone Lab, creates capsules that replicate the sound and performance characteristics of vintage mic designs, including the AKG C12, Neumann U-67, and Neumann U-47.

Peluso is known as one of the primary suppliers of aftermarket condenser capsules to the DIY/”modder” market; his PK-47, CEK-12, CEK-367 and CEK-89, have been fitted by enthusiasts into every variety of Apex, Nady, MXL, and other imported large-diaphragm condenser microphone.

Simultaneously, the Peluso microphone line has expanded to include over a dozen models of FET, tube, and ribbon designs, some of which are popular for their ability to recreate the sonic signature of industry-standard vintage microphones for a fraction of the cost — including the company’s most-popular microphone, the P12 (a reinterpretation of the AKG C12).

Peluso Microphone Lab sells other aftermarket parts as well, including a full line of output transformers.

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