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  • Oktava
    24 Kaminsky str.
    Tula 300000
    Russian Federation
  • +7 4872 362

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ОАО Октава, better known by its transliterated name “Oktava,” is the largest transducer company in Russia. It was founded in 1927 and currently produces a full line of microphones — dynamics, condensers, and ribbons — as well as related products such as telephones.

Its small-diaphragm condenser, the MK-012, is well-known and very popular in the international project studio market as an inexpensive but professional-quality mic for stringed instruments, drums, and percussion.

The company’s microphones were first introduced to Western markets in the 1990s by Andy and Fergus McKay; despite inconsistent manufacturing quality, the mics won fans from producers and musicians around the world.

Oktava severed its relationship with McKay in 2004, and has signed up independent distributors in the US and UK. The company’s mics are easy to find online since 2005.

Oktava headquarters in Tula, RussiaInternational distribution is managed by Oktava Europe, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. Production facilities remain in Tula, Russia, near the region’s capital building.

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