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  • ADK
    800 NE Tenney Rd STE 110-215
    Vancouver , WA 98685-2832
  • +1-360-566-9400

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ADK is a small microphone company with a broad selection of tube and FET condensers that attempt to invoke the sonic palettes of famous vintage mics through the use of modern production technologies.

Larry Villella
The goal of the original ADK Mics was to come close to a particular vintage mic at a price that a working musician could afford. “Affordable Retro-Sonics.” Not so much into fancy packaging or zany grilles, just “put the money under the hood for the best tone possible for the money” end-user useful approach. Utility above glitz, etc.

The Goal of the ADK Custom Shop is to have the audacity to try to be Better than Vintage…

In short, according to Villella, the ADK product line is intended to provide the “best bang for the buck,” whereas the Custom Shop line is “the best we can possibly build.”

Primary manufacturing, including the company’s “capsuleworks,” is located in Asia. Modifications and custom work are performed in the US.

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