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Peluso Microphone Lab P 28

Pricing & Availability

  • MSRP: $898


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CardioidPeluso Microphone Lab P 28

Cardioid Pencil Tube Condenser Microphone

Peluso’s P 28 mic is a fixed-cardioid small-diaphragm tube condenser based on the EF732 tube. The design was reportedly inspired by the Neumann KM54 and AKG C28 tube SDCs.

The mic can be supplied with a fixed omni capsule by special request.

The P-28 kit includes the tube mic and wooden storage case, dedicated power supply and 7-conductor cable, plastic shockmount, and aluminum flight case.

Henry Robinett

Finally I’ve completed extensive testing on this mic. I love it. I compared it against the Peluso CEMC-6, SM81 and LDC AT4050. I think it betters all of those. I’ve used it on acoustic guitar, drum overheads, various applications as a room mic, acoustic bass, voice and acoustic piano. It shined in every case, except the acoustic bass, but that was more an issue of placement and application.

This mic has great detail. It’s very neutral, warm and clear, distinct highs; not at all brittle or harsh.

… I preferred it on piano where I usually use my AT4050s. The 4050s sound a bit harsh in comparison to my ears. The P28 has a great full spectrum frequency response.

The Peluso Microphone Lab P 28 is also known as: P-28.


Pickup Patterns Pads & Filters
Cardioid (11 mV/Pa; 20 - 24,000 Hz)
Capsule Dimensions Impedance SPL/Noise
Diaphragm diameter: 18mm
200 Ohms (Low) Max SPL: 141 dB
Weight Length Max Diameter Interface(s)
300g (10.58oz) 184mm (7.24'') 28mm (1.10'')
  • 3-pin XLR male (1)
Power Specifications
  • Includes tube power supply

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