Help Wanted!

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Photographers Needed

We have documented a great number of obscure, discontinued microphones. But there are even more left to do.

The hard part is getting decent photographs; this is one of the reasons many mics are not in our database. If you own such a mic, you could help us by shooting some pictures of it.

Quick tips for better mic photos:

  1. stand the mic up on its XLR jack against a neutral wall (ideally white) — or better yet, stand it on a curved piece of posterboard to create an “infinite background”.
  2. turn on every light in the room, and open the windowshades. You want as much ambient light as you can get.
  3. Turn off the camera flash. A single-point flash will more likely than not ruin the photo.
  4. Turn the camera sideways (portrait mode). Unless you’re shooting a really fat microphone.
  5. Use a tripod if possible, to avoid camera shake.

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101 Responses to “Help Wanted!”

  1. Lutz Dingler

    March 13th, 2020 at 1:01 pm

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
    there’s a minor mistake in the description of the Neumann U89i.
    The mic was introduced in 1980 (Source:
    Thank You for Your great website!
    Lutz (Germany)

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