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CardioidSE Electronics USB2200a

Cardioid Condenser Microphone

The USB 2200a is a variant of sE’s 2200a large-diaphragm FET condenser. It incorporates digital output via USB 2.0, but can also be used with phantom power and a standard XLR cable.

Both mics use the same center-terminated, large-diaphragm condenser capsule.

Audio is output via both connectors (analog XLR, digital USB) simultaneously.

The onboard ADC/DAC is a 24-bit unit, but the mic’s digital output is a 16-bit stream. The ADC operates at 44.1kHz or 48kHz.

A headphone jack on the mic body allows “zero-latency monitoring.” The mic’s electronics contain a USB audio output device; the user’s DAW can be set to output a prerecorded track to the mic via USB for monitoring through headphones attached to the microphone. The sound recorded by the mic is mixed with the prerecorded track and output to the headphones. A mix knob on the rear of the mic adjusts the relative volumes of the two audio streams.

Four controls appear on the rear of the mic body:

  • A switchable -10dB pad.
  • A high-pass filter (-6dB/octave @ 100Hz)
  • A 3-way USB output level switch, offering positions for “Apple (Mac)” and “PC,” plus an intermediate position.
  • A rotary mix or “balance” knob for the headphone jack.

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Pickup Patterns Pads & Filters
Cardioid (14.1 mV/Pa; 20 - 20,000 Hz)
  • Pad: -10dB (Via Switch)
  • Filter: HPF: -6dB/octave @ 100Hz (Via Switch)
Capsule Dimensions Impedance SPL/Noise
Diaphragm diameter: 25mm
200 Ohms (Low) Self-noise: 12.0 dB(A)
Weight Length Max Diameter Interface(s)
n/a n/a n/a
  • 3-pin XLR male (1)
  • USB (1)
Power Specifications
  • Requires phantom power
  • Phantom voltage: 48v

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