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  • Nevaton
    4229 Argosy Ct., Unit C
    Madison , WI 53714
  • (608) 438-8541

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The Nevaton microphone company is located in St. Petersburg, Russia, and is named for the nearby river Neva. According to their former US distributor, FDW, the company was founded in 1991 by engineers from the former USSR microphone design laboratory called LOMO.

The company makes a small line of condenser microphones in its St. Petersburg plant using parts developed and sourced locally. Microphones are tested in an anechoic chamber prior to shipment.

Nevaton’s anechoic chamber is the largest one in Europe. It was built in 1989 with government funding, and purchased by Nevaton (along with a reverberation chamber) for use in commercial microphone development.

In late 2010, US distribution for the Nevaton line was transferred to Leonid Nenashev of Red Square Audio.

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