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Saturday, March 1st, 2008 | by

New Sorting ColumnsI added a couple new columns to the search-results grid on the mic database: one each for “Large Diaphragm” and “Tube.” These are cryptically abbreviated “Lg” and “Tu” to help keep the other columns from getting too squeezed, but if you hover your mouse over them you should see tooltip popups to remind you what they mean.

There was already a “Stereo” column, which I’ve now abbreviated “St.”

By breaking these into their own columns, the search results can now be easily sorted. For example, if you do a search for multipattern microphones, you can now gang all the tube mics together, or all the stereo mics together, or all the large-diaphragm mics together, with a single mouse click.

To see this in action, start with the search form on the microphone database.

It’s a way to refine search results — until we launch a real refinement feature (“soooon” 🙂 ).

What other attributes would be helpful here?

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