The Microphone Show

The Microphone ShowThe Microphone Show is a video podcast created by Mathew Trogner and Matt McGlynn. Filmed at Sausalito’s Loudville Studios, the show brings the viewer into the studio to learn new techniques and audition some great gear.

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#1 Mid-Side Miking Technique; Oktava MK-012 vs. Neumann KM 88 2010-11-14
  Guests: Paul Simmans, Stephen Hart
  Artist: Chi McClean
#2 Neumann Microphone Shootout, U87i vs. U87Ai 2011-03-18
  Guests: Paul Simmans, Stephen Hart, Ana Sophia Dunham
  Artists: George Merrill (vocals), Mark Keller (guitar, VO)


“EXCELLENT work on the production of this video. I was extremely impressed with everything from the camera work, sound, editing, content, etc. High quality content! Well Done!”
Jordan Reynolds, Voice Actor

“The show was great! Really well produced, and great sound quality.”
Darryl Webb, composer/engineer

“great show man, best pro audio review/interview I’ve ever seen!”
YouTube user Darkinners

“Fantastic job! That guitar player is amazing too. Great work!”
Steve Sparks, singer/songwriter

“Can you work one of our mics into your next episode?”
Representative from a microphone manufacturer

“That is super sweet! Nice video.”
Online gear vendor

“OMG you are such a dork!”
former girlfriend

Cast & Crew

Host: matt mcglynn
Producer: Mathew Trogner
Cameras: Jody Banks

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