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Roswell Pro Audio Mini K47 Mic Giveaway

Monday, October 2nd, 2017 | by matthew mcglynn

Roswell Mini K47 Condenser Microphone

New visitors might not realize that I started this website (nearly 10 years ago!) because I felt like I couldn’t make sane purchase decisions about microphones without knowing what my choices were. Online stores will only show you the microphones they sell. Manufacturer websites can hardly be trusted to be objective about their own products. […]

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summer mic sales

Thursday, May 7th, 2009 | by matthew mcglynn

Introducing a new RecordingHacks feature — a page listing all current microphone rebates and coupons direct from the manufacturers.

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Overhead mic shootout: STO-2, MK-012, M179

Thursday, October 16th, 2008 | by matthew mcglynn

I’ve been using a pair of Oktava MK-012 SDCs as my go-to overhead mics for years, ever since I conducted a shootout comparing the MK-012 to AKG C1000S and EV 635a mics. To my ear, the Oktavas won that test handily, offering better imaging, broader frequency response, and more musical results as compared to the […]

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