Audio-Technica AT3035 – The Tape Op Review

TapeOp Issue #29/May, 2002 | by

As the world fills up with many low-cost Chinese condenser mics, the manufacturers who have been around a while have had to take notice of this and offer mics in a comparable price range. Shure recently introduced the KSM 27, and now AT introduces the AT3035, a mic which retails at a staggeringly low $200!

This is a medium-sized diaphragm condenser mic with a fixed cardioid pattern and is phantom powered. It comes with a decent shock mount and features low end roll off and 10 dB pad switches. I tried this mic out primarily on guitar amps, where it was easily able to handle the sound pressure with the pad in. It provided an alternative to the Royer R121 and SM57 I had going, with a crispier top end and throaty growl which worked great for certain tracks.

On vocals it was serviceable but not spectacular, but would work in a pinch. It also worked really well as a distant (3 feet in front) kick drum mic, delivering a massive low end thump. I’ve been recommending this mic to many home recording pals of mine, as its features and price make it a great first condenser mic for a smaller setup, and if they graduate to more mics it would still be an excellent amp, backing vocal or drum mic.

Also, look for its cousins, the AT3031 and 3032 — some decent-sounding cardioid and omni small diaphragm mics that fit somewhere in between the AT Pro 37R and the Shure SM81 and are also very affordable! (Audio-Technica)

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