Presenting the RecordingHacks Merchandise Emporium!

In which I attempt to disprove the theory that selling six T-shirts at an average markup of $1.39 will never fund my pending API A2D purchase (note: street price $1700)…

Anyway, we’ve launched our second line of shirt designs! See the full line here, or scroll down for a preview.

The Motor Mic

This design is an homage to my inner mic modder, who spends more time poring over “group buys” of never-heard-before Chinese ribbons, and over the $250 mods to $89 mics, than over any single piece of gear with a list price over $500. Except maybe that A2D.

If you consider your soldering iron to be a piece of outboard gear, this design is for you: an SM58 with a compressor engine bolted to the top. Rendered lovingly in photorealistic 3D by Aaron Lyon.

The Microphone Series

STO-2C 1000 S

Our photo studio is now online, and we’re taking awesome close-up photos of microphones as fast as we can. So far, we’ve got the venerable Oktaka MK-012 and MK-219 (the OktavaMod edition), the vintage dynamic Electro-Voice 635A, and the unusual but prized Beyerdynamic M-380 (recently seen in session at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio), the SM-57 (seen on every snare drum and guitar cab in the world, and now on your T-shirt as well), the AKG C1000S (perhaps a nicer shirt than microphone), and Brad Avenson’s STO-2. These are original photos (on the shirts, if not on the thumbnail images above). There are more to come!

Got a better idea?

Send us your cool shirt idea and if we like it we’ll buy the first one for you! Leave a comment below or email ‘matt’ at this domain.

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