Without whom…

The site is only a couple weeks old, but I’m indebted to several people who have helped get it this far — without whom, in fact, the site would not exist.

  • Aaron Lyon – Designer, Musician, and Audio Engineer, Aaron is a triple threat. He created the first RecordingHacks logo (coming soon to a T-shirt near you) and periodically bails me out of various pinches related to any of his numerous areas of expertise, from modeling and rendering to guitar overdubs. Check out Aaron’s music at Superconductor Music or see him on tour with Mike Comfort, about which he’s blogging at Fourth Stage. (Hmm, a quadruple threat?)
  • Brad Avenson – Always ready with thoughtful feedback and clarification of technical arcana, Brad has been a great help in improving the microphone database, suggesting sensible approaches to elusive problems and always with an eye toward usability. You can of course find Brad at his home site, Avenson Audio (and read about his great omni condensers right here 🙂 ).
  • Josh Woodlander – Designer and expert in UX and usability, Josh provided smart feedback at a critical juncture — a lifeline out of the morass of potentialities. Josh and his band of designers, information architects, and illustrators can be found at Raspberry Media.
  • Mark James – purveyor of the fine and wonderful Silk Icons used in our mic database.

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  1. Charlie Campagna

    February 22nd, 2009 at 1:47 pm


    Im a Mic lover and was making a personal mic database in Excel and came across your site. Great site. I work at Soundelux as a SFX Librarian and we have a small collection of cool mics (most you have) but we have a few early Bock creations and prototypes that you find useful to mention. At one time, our company owned Signet studios (formally Motion West) and acquired the mics when it closed down. We sold most of our expensive vintage mics to Alan Sides of Oceanway but we still have some great old mics. Nevertheless, would love to help you with information about SD Mics and any other mic info I can supply. Contact me anytime, thanks

    Charlie Campagna

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