Writers’ Bonus Program

Beginning in July, 2012, we have begun paying monthly bonuses to our best writers.

The program allows us to reward the writers whose articles add the most value to the RecordingHacks community. Further, it encourages writers to target topics that will prove popular, as well as promote their own content to ensure that it finds its audience.

How it Works

At the end of every month, we’ll make a list of the top five most-read articles that month (as measured by Google Analytics). Bonuses will be paid out according to the following schedule:

#1: $45
#2: $20
#3: $15
#4 & 5: $10 each

Write once, get paid forever?

Yes, you’ll get paid for every month in which your article is in the top five most popular. Think of it as profit sharing. Or, as a really well-paid writing gig.

Which articles are most popular?

Despite the recent preponderance of gear reviews on this site, we’ve found that technique articles tend to be more widely read, and have longer-lasting value. If you’re a new writer looking for ideas, we would recommend one of two things: describe a studio technique, or interview a well-known engineer/producer. (The reason people read the latter articles, of course, is to glean new studio techniques.)

That said, some of our more grandiose shootouts have proven to have long-term value. But these tend to require that you collect every piece of gear in a given category, e.g. The Ultimate Podcast Mic Shootout.

What about promotion?

Authors who promote their content will absolutely realize the benefits. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and the various audio forums provide powerful mechanisms for reaching a broader audience of readers and commenters. As a matter of course, we do promote most articles via our FB and Twitter streams, but we can’t necessarily reach your audience that way.

Get in Touch

If you have a proposal, or an article to submit, please get in touch.