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Dave Rollans has been playing drums for over 11 years and has studied with some of today's top professionals including Jeff Hamilton, Russ Miller, Dave Weckl, Rick Latham, and many more. His constant search for knowledge has taken him through many different books, DVDs, masterclasses, music camps, and private instructions. At a young age, he had the unique opportunity to live in Brazil and not only study, but perform with musicians of another culture and musical background. While still in high school, Dave began teaching his first drum lessons, before he could even drive a car. Through hard work, determination, and the perfect combination of family and teachers to support his musical growth, Dave's studies have brought him beyond the point of a drummer, to the point of a musician. Dave is currently a studio musician, and private drum instructor in San Diego, CA. "My aim is to inspire each student to build and achieve their own musical goals."

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Lewitt Audio Drum Microphone Review

Let’s get down to business; microphones are what we’re here about, right? In this review, I’ve compared some microphones that I commonly use on drums and that are commonly found in many home studios against a set of Lewitt Audio Microphones. All were recorded into ProTools via an M-Audio Profire 2626. No processing was added […]

Posted:Sunday, September 4th, 2011