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Don Gunn is a recording and mixing guy (engineer sounds so formal!) from Seattle, WA. He's been inhabiting studios for over 20 years even since being disappointed by the recording of his own band and determined to never let that happen again. Since that time he's worked with many of his own musical heroes. When not working out of his studio, The Office, he can be found lurking behind the consoles of many of Seattle's finest rooms.

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Blackspade UM25 Review

Blackspade is a new company with a small but growing line of mid- and high-end microphones. The company is a joint venture between Blackspade proper in Switzerland and AMI, Inc here in the US. The Blackspade Acoustics UM25 that I’ve had the pleasure of using and reviewing is one of two C12/ELA M251-style mics the […]

Posted:Friday, May 18th, 2012

Ear Trumpet Labs – Edwina Microphone Review

It’s a rather unique and great time in which we live; in this internet-driven age, small- and sometimes even singularly-staffed manufacturers can craft products and market them to the world with nothing more than a website. No more having to only choose from a small handful of companies making products for the masses; there are […]

Posted:Sunday, March 25th, 2012
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Moon Mic Review

Donn Gunn compares the Moon Mics DK27 to the Yamaha SubKick and his own homebrew “subkick” mic in a 3-way subsonic kick-drum mic test.

Posted:Sunday, February 5th, 2012
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