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Stager Microphones

Stager Microphones is a small-shop builder of ribbon microphones based in Nashville, TN, offering three different mono models and one stereo offering. All microphones are designed and built by owner, Matt Stager. He makes the ribbons and ribbon motors, winds the toroidal transformers, presses the grilles and does all wiring and assembly in-house. Custom metalwork is done in the USA.

Matt became involved in various aspects of the world of music at a young age. After years of experience in the engineering field, before and after his move to Nashville in 1999, he was given an old, no-name ribbon mic with a broken ribbon. He was able to repair it, and decided to build his own version from scratch as a “fun project”. These vintage-inspired original designs were to become his flagship SR-1A model.

Stager built a machine to corrugate his ribbons and made dies and presses to fabricate his grilles and was able to find a precision winding machine on eBay for his custom-wound toroidal transformers. His models include:

  • SR-1A, based on the original unbranded mic; his heaviest and most “vintage” sounding offering utilizing custom AlNiCo magnets

  • SR-2N, a lighter original design using neodymium magnets

  • Stereo SR-2N

  • SR-3, his newest, most transparent model with higher output and the longest ribbon in his range at three inches.

Matt Stager

I wouldn’t necessarily say that the mics have a sound, per se, more so that they empower the artist to find their sound without restrictions.

All of the offerings from Stager Microphones are passive and therefore should not be connected to phantom power. Each mic ships in either a custom wood box or aluminum case. Matched pairs are available.

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