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  • Behringer
    18912 North Creek Parkway, Suite 200
    Bothell , WA 98011
  • +1 425 672 0816


Behringer was founded in 1989 by Uli Behringer, a conservatory-trained pianist and electronics tinkerer from an early age. Following early success making studio equipment by hand for friends, Behringer began to outsource manufacturing to China in 1990.

Uli Behringer

We started working with contract manufacturers but it became clear that it was impossible to manage a relationship over 10,000 miles. While samples appeared perfect, we often received containers full of lemons.

Ongoing problems with contract manufacturers led Behringer to personally relocate to Hong Kong in 1997, and further to establish a dedicated manufacturing facility in Zhongshan in 2002, called “BEHRINGER City.”

BEHRINGER manufactures a wide variety of audio electronics, from mixers and loudspeakers to signal processors, PA, cabinets, effects units, and even microphones.

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