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Bartlett Audio was founded in 2009 and is owned by Bruce Bartlett, former product designer for both Shure and Crown. The company manufactures a line of miniature condenser microphones for instrument use, and a supecardioid boundary microphone for stage-floor use. The instrument mics can be converted to wireless-ready upon request.

Bruce Bartlett

All of the Bartlett instrument mics were designed to have a natural
acoustic sound. How was that achieved? We measured the spectrum of each
instrument with a flat-response laboratory mic 1 foot from the
instrument in a typical studio miking position. Then we mounted a
flat-response miniature omni mic on each instrument in a location where
the SPL is very high, so that little mic gain is needed — hence less
feedback. We measured the spectrum that the mini mic captured where it
was mounted. Finally, we computer-differenced the two spectra to
determine the inverse EQ needed to make the instrument mic’s spectrum
match that of the distant lab mic. The result for each instrument is a
sound similar to what you capture with a good studio mic about 1 foot
from each instrument.

This method yields a sound that’s in the ballpark for most acoustic
instruments. The mic’s sound is easy to EQ if necessary to compensate
for an individual instrument’s acoustics. Each mic is rolled off below
the lowest note of the instrument to reduce noise and feedback.

Each mic is listen-tested and computer-tested (using Time Delay
Spectrometry) to match the mic’s typical frequency response within +/- 1 dB.

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