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Placid Audio

Founded in 2003 by Mark Pirro, Engineer/Producer and bassist for Polyphonic Spree and Tripping Daisy, Placid Audio designs and manufacturers professional-grade effect microphones. The company’s flagship product, the Copperphone, has become an industry standard character microphone for stage and studio use.

An “effect” or “character” microphone is a microphone that heavily colors and
modifies the sound at the source rather than relying on further
processing, such as distortion and filtering. Placid Audio was the first
company to create and market professional-level character mics.

In addition to their unique sound, Placid Audio microphones are
exceedingly durable, being built into rugged machined copper housings.

All Placid Audio microphones are handmade in Dallas, Texas USA and come
with a lifetime warranty.

Current Placid Audio Microphones