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Dave Pearlman manufactures high-end tube mics inspired by the classic Neumann designs.

Each microphone is assembled and tested by hand in Los Angeles by Dave, with some preassembly and wiring being done by an on-site assistant. The microphones contain no printed circuit boards; rather, amplifier circuits are point-to-point wired by hand.

Power supplies use PCBs sourced locally; the cases and plating for these are also sourced in the US.

Microphone bodies are sourced from Asia. Bodies for the higher-end Pearlman mics — TM-1, TM-250, and Church — are powder-coated locally.

Capsule metalwork (backplates) are sourced from around the world. Diaphragms are installed and tensioned in Los Angeles to ensure consistent response and performance.

The company offers a 3-day money-back guarantee for all Pearlman microphones.

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