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Michael Joly of OktavaMod is a leading provider of cost-effective microphone modifications. His mods have improved the performance of inexpensive studio microphones since 1994, and are used regularly by chart-topping engineers such as Damian Taylor (Bjork), Rob Schnapf (Beck, Elliot Smith) and Adam Lasus (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah) plus thousands of indie and major label artists, engineers and producers. His microphone modification work was profiled in Tape Op Magazine issue #59 and a recent article in the online edition of Wired Magazine. His high-performance ribbon mic, the Michael Joly Edition Cascade Gomez, won the 2009 Editor’s Choice Award from Electronic Musician Magazine.

Joly’s microphone modification work is officially sanctioned by Oktava-Online, Aalen, Germany (world’s largest Oktava distributor with direct ties to JSC Oktava in Tula, Russia) who sell his OktavaMod microphones throughout Europe.

Mods and Repairs


OktavaMod offers a full range of acoustical, mechanical and electronic upgrades to client’s existing condenser and ribbon microphone as well as providing sales of new, modified Oktava microphones.

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