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  • Lampifier Company
    5348 N. Tacoma Avenue
    Indianapolis , IN 46220
  • +1-317-225-5509

Lampifier Company

Lampifier manufactures a new line of dynamic microphones for live performance. The mics employ a unique inline audio processing circuit, developed by company founder Gary Osborne, that provides compression and noise gating. The circuit allows the mic’s sensitivity, feedback rejection, and gating characteristics to be tailored to a wide variety of applications, from quiet spoken-word to “extreme” vocal reproduction. Various compression and gating “programs” can be created by moving jumpers on the internal circuit board.

The company’s name is derived from the use of an “audio bulb” in the compression circuit. The filament in the bulb provides an electrical resistance curve; by passing audio signals at various levels through the bulb, the compression effect can be modulated. Read more about the behavior of the circuit on the Lampifier profile pages, below.

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