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  • Hamptone
    2707 SE 49th Avenue
    Portland , OR 97206
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Best known for its mic preamps and kits, Hamptone has produced small lots of custom condenser mics over the years, and sells universal tube mic power supplies too.

Mods and Repairs

Scott Hampton has modded several hundred mics over the years, primarily for customers of Hamptone’s second-generation tube mic power supplies — three universal designs that provide compatibility with dozens of vintage tube mics, both fixed-cardioid and multi-pattern.

Scott Hampton
I’ve worked on every vintage mic of significance, and aside from disassembling capsules, can fix most problems.

When I do service it is for vintage mics needing power supplies, and to be brought back from the dead. I also replace a few caps, grid resistors, adjust bias points using spectrum analysis, and other things that generally “clean up” the sound of an old mic without losing the original flavor.

Some people want it to sound as close to original as possible, others don’t care and just want it to sound good.

I’ve also done a number of very old turn of the century (early 1900s) condenser mics made by Western Electric, where there was no documentation of any kind at the time, so it required a bit more historic knowledge than would normally be required.