Blue Ball Microphone – Larry Crane’s Tape Op Review

TapeOp Issue #38/November, 2003 | by

The BLUE Ball is a unique new entry into the microphone market, as it’s the first phantom-powered dynamic mic in mass production. The phantom power drives an initial gain stage, separating the mic element from typical impedance loads and potential mismatches. The mic also derives its name from the unusual 5'' diameter ball shape of its housing — a feature I fear can cause limitations in placement though it does make for a unique look.

How does the mic sound? On electric guitar amps, the Ball had a similar sound to some ribbon mics — but not quite the same. The low mids were very articulate, highs were smooth and not hyped or brittle like an SM57, and lows were tame. It would suit certain tracks really well, and it did sound quite unlike any other mics we put up against it in this position. I found mic’ing guitar amps to be the best use for the mic and would keep it around for this purpose alone. (BLUE; $200)

This is one of three short reviews:

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