Blue Ball Microphone – Steve Silverstein’s Tape Op Review

TapeOp Issue #38/November, 2003 | by

I bought the BLUE Ball hoping to use it in lieu of an SM7, since I don’t have one and couldn’t afford one right now. Almost everywhere that I would have used an SM7 and used the Ball instead, it’s worked great. I’m more impressed than I expected to be. It’ll be on our record more than my Sank-modified B&O ribbon, which is a much pricier mic, and maybe as much as the Dragonfly, also a pricier mic. The Ball seems to have an exaggerated proximity effect. Placing it near a source with any low end results in a cartoon-like quality that is rarely desirable, but backing the Ball off a few inches solves the problem with little drop-off in transient accuracy. (BLUE; $200)

This is one of three short reviews:

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