Tape Op Microphone Review Archive

Welcome to the first official archive of microphone reviews from Tape Op Magazine! We have nearly every microphone review published in the magazine through 2009.

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Issue #Publication DateMicrophoneReview Title
382003-11AEA R84AEA R84
562006-11AEA R92AEA R92
352003-05AKG C-1000-SAKG C1000S
662008-07Audio-Technica AE3000Audio-Technica AE3000
492005-09Audio-Technica AE2020Audio-Technica AT2020
292002-05Audio-Technica AT3035Audio-Technica AT3035
372003-09Audio-Technica AT3060Audio-Technica AT3060
492005-09Audio-Technica AT4031Audio-Technica AT4031
332003-01Audio-Technica AT4040Audio-Technica AT4040 and AT4050
332003-01Audio-Technica AT4050Audio-Technica AT4040 and AT4050
202000-11Audio-Technica AT4047/SVAudio-Technica AT4047/SV
662008-07Audio-Technica ATM250DEAudio-Technica ATM250DE
572007-01Audio-Technica ATM450Audio-Technica ATM450
472005-05Audio-Technica PRO 37Audio-Technica PRO 37
352003-05Audix D2Audix D2
322002-11Audix D6Audix D6
442004-11Audix i-5Audix i-5
602007-07Beyerdanymic M160Beyerdynamic M 160 - Andy Hong's Tape Op Review
602007-07Beyerdynamic M130Beyerdynamic M130
602007-07Beyerdynamic M160Beyerdynamic M160 - Scott Craggs' Tape Op Review
332003-01beyerdynamic M 260Beyerdynamic M260, M500 Ribbons with Sank 77-DX Mod
332003-01beyerdynamic M 500Beyerdynamic M260, M500 Ribbons with Sank 77-DX Mod
612007-09Beyerdynamic M88Beyerdynamic M88
662008-07Bing Carbon MicrophoneBing Carbon Microphone
272002-01Blue Baby BottleBlue Baby Bottle
382003-11Blue Ball (#2 of 3)Blue Ball Microphone - John Baccigaluppi's Tape Op Review
382003-11Blue Ball (#1 of 3)Blue Ball Microphone - Larry Crane's Tape Op Review
382003-11Blue Ball (#3 of 3)Blue Ball Microphone - Steve Silverstein's Tape Op Review
402004-03Blue BluebirdBlue Bluebird
222001-03Blue DragonflyBlue Dragonfly
542006-07Blue SnowballBlue Snowball
502005-11Brauner Phantom AEBrauner Phantom AE
602007-07Brauner VMXBrauner VMX
232001-05Byetone IM27Byetone IM27
192000-09CAD VSM-1CAD VSM-1
552006-09Cascade Fat HeadCascade Fat Head
662008-07Cascade Gomez Michael Joly EditionCascade Gomez Michael Joly Edition
602007-07Chameleon Labs TS-1Chameleon Labs TS-1
602007-07Chameleon Labs TS-1Chameleon Labs TS-1
472005-05CharterOak SA538CharterOak SA538
152000-01Coles 4038Coles 4038
492005-09Earthworks Audio TC25Earthworks DK25/R and DK25/L Drum Mics - the Tape Op Review
492005-09Earthworks Audio SR25Earthworks DK25/R and DK25/L Drum Mics - the Tape Op Review
272002-01Earthworks Audio TC20Earthworks SRO SR69 -- The Tape Op Review
272002-01Earthworks Audio SR20Earthworks SRO SR69 -- The Tape Op Review
472005-05Electro-Voice 635AElectro-Voice 635A
312002-09Electro-Voice 664Electro-Voice 664
182000-07Electro-Voice N/D 357Electro-Voice N/D 357
522006-03EV/Blue CardinalEV/Blue Cardinal
452005-01Microtech Gefell UMT 70 SGefell M930 and UMT70S
452005-01Microtech Gefell M 930Gefell M930 and UMT70S
362003-07Microtech Gefell UM 92.1 SGefell UM92.1 and M300
362003-07Microtech Gefell M 300Gefell UM92.1 and M300
402004-03Heil Sound PR-20Heil Sound PR-20
562006-11Heil Sound PR-30Heil Sound PR30 PR40
562006-11Heil Sound PR-40Heil Sound PR30 PR40
562006-11Heil Sound PR40Heil Sound PR40
232001-05Joemeek JM47Joemeek JM47
512006-01Josephson C17SETJosephson C17SET
342003-03Josephson C42MPJosephson C42MP
622007-11Josephson C700AJosephson C700A
552006-09Karma K35Karma K35
612007-09Karma K6Karma K6
632008-01Kel HM-1Kel HM-1
632008-01Lauten Audio HorizonLauten Audio Horizon
182000-07Lawson L47Lawson L47
562006-11M-Audio SputnikM-Audio Sputnik -- The Tape Op Review
372003-09MXL 603SMarshall MXL Pro Pac
372003-09MXL 2001Marshall MXL Pro Pac
602007-07MCA SP1MCA SP1
252001-09McHugh Military AMM68McHugh Military AMM-68
642008-03Mercenary Audio KM-69Mercenary Audio KM-69
622007-11Mojave Audio MA-100Mojave Audio MA-100
552006-09Mojave Audio MA-200Mojave Audio MA-200
702009-03Mojave Audio MA-201 fetMojave Audio MA-201 fet
542006-07MXL 2010MXL 2010 and V67i
542006-07MXL V67IMXL 2010 and V67i
282002-03MXL 603SMXL 603S
502005-11MXL V6MXL V6
342003-03MXL V69MXL V69
472005-05Nady RSM-2Nady RSM-2
592007-05Nady RSM-3Nady RSM-3
492005-09Red Microphones Type BNeumann CMV 563, Blue Bottle, Red Mics
492005-09Blue Microphones BottleNeumann CMV 563, Blue Bottle, Red Mics
492005-09Red Microphones Type ANeumann CMV 563, Blue Bottle, Red Mics
492005-09Neumann CMV-563Neumann CMV 563, Blue Bottle, Red Mics
432004-09Neumann KMS 105Neumann KMS 105
612007-09Neumann TLM49Neumann TLM49
252001-09Oktava MC012Oktava MC012
242001-07Oktava MK-219Oktava MK-219
342003-03Oktava ML52Oktava ML52
562006-11OktavaMod MK-219OktavaMod MK-219
702009-03MXL 603SOktavaMod MXL 603, MCA SP1 mods
702009-03MCA SP1OktavaMod MXL 603, MCA SP1 mods
502005-11Pearl DT40Pearl DT40
442004-11Peluso 22 251Peluso 22 251
622007-11Peluso 22 47 LEPeluso 22 47 LE
482005-07Peluso Microphone Lab CEMC-6Peluso CEMC6, 22 47
482005-07Peluso Microphone Lab 22 47Peluso CEMC6, 22 47
562006-11Peluso R14Peluso R14
392004-01Rode NT1-ARode NT1-A
192000-09Royer R-121Royer R-121
622007-11Royer R-122VRoyer R-122V
252001-09Royer SF-12Royer SF-12
482005-07Sage Electronics SE-BB1 Bova BallSage Electronics SE-BB1 Bova Ball
602007-07Samson Audio VR88 and CL2Samson Audio VR88 and CL2
602007-07Samson Audio VR88 and CL2Samson Audio VR88 and CL2
442004-11SE Electronics GeminisE Electronics Gemini and ICIS
442004-11SE Electronics ICISsE Electronics Gemini and ICIS
582007-03sE Electronics H1sE Electronics H1
602007-07sE Electronics R1 RibbonsE Electronics R1 Ribbon
482005-07sE Electronics sE2200asE Electronics sE2200a
292002-05sE H3500sE H3500
312002-09SE Electronics SE2000sE1, sE2000, Z5600
312002-09SE Electronics SE 1sE1, sE2000, Z5600
312002-09SE Electronics Z5600sE1, sE2000, Z5600
532006-05Shinybox 46Shinybox 46
322002-11Shure KSM141Shure KSM141
162000-03Shure KSM32Shure KSM32
362003-07Shure SM7Shure SM7
452005-01Soundelux e49Soundelux E250 and e49
452005-01Soundelux E250Soundelux E250 and e49
372003-09Soundelux E47Soundelux E47
272002-01Soundelux Elux-251Soundelux Elux-251
172000-05Soundelux U-99Soundelux U-99
302002-07Stapes OmnisStapes Omnis
322002-11Studio Projects B1Studio Projects B1, B3, TB1
322002-11Studio Projects B3Studio Projects B1, B3, TB1
322002-11Studio Projects TB1Studio Projects B1, B3, TB1
272002-01Studio Projects C1Studio Projects C1, C3
272002-01Studio Projects C3Studio Projects C1, C3
442004-11Telefunken USA Ela M 14Telefunken USA Ela M 14
642008-03Telefunken USA Ela M 260Telefunken USA Ela M 260
342003-03Telefunken USA Ela-M 251Telefunken USA Ela-M 251
602007-07Telefunken USA RM-5CTelefunken USA RM-5C
602007-07Silvia Classics SC-5CTelefunken USA RM-5C
622007-11Violet Design Ltd. Amethyst StandardViolet Design Globe Vintage and Amethyst Standard
622007-11Violet Design Ltd. Globe VintageViolet Design Globe Vintage and Amethyst Standard
592007-05Wunder Audio CM7Wunder Audio CM7
422004-07Yamaha SubKickYamaha SubKick