Naked Eye Begins Shipping From Crowley and Tripp

Ashland, MA — February 27, 2006. Naked Eye, a new, dual-voiced ribbon microphone made by American microphone manufacturer Crowley and Tripp, has been released for domestic and international distribution, the company announced today. “Our manufacturing group accelerated the release of this new product after field trials showed the demand for a dual-voiced ribbon microphone” remarked Crowley and Tripp’s Product Manager, Chris Regan. “Customers told us they wanted to have both a mellow, traditional ribbon sound, and yet also be able to record smooth, but articulate, vocals” he said. “The core voicing technology, which is unique to the Crowley and Tripp product line, makes this possible at an affordable price.”

Co-founder Hugh Tripp provided a tour of the new model, dubbed “Naked Eye” because the microphone is designed to be open to incoming sound, without excess layers of cloth or sound blocking protection, yet very rugged. “The A and B side sounds are patterned after our two most popular professional models, the Proscenium, and the Studio Vocalist.” Tripp commented. “And by scaling up production and using the techniques we learned from precision device manufacturing over the years, we are able to control costs, yet keep the performance very high.”

The new microphone comes in a fitted wood storage case complete with a unique rotary microphone mount designed to be versatile, and have low diffraction effects. Naked Eye carries a three-year warranty and sells for $745 in the U.S. “We’re delighted with the positive response to our products in our first full year of general production. And we’re thankful to our customers who have spent their time working with us, and teaching us about applications, their music, and how we can help them fulfill their artistic vision” stated inventor and CEO Bob Crowley, who started the firm.

Crowley and Tripp Microphones are hand made in the US at the company’s Ashland, Massachusetts labs by people who know the art and science of acoustics, and who have years of experience with high output, low noise instruments used in medical and professional audio applications. Models include the Studio Vocalist, Soundstage Image, Proscenium, SPLx Custom and Naked Eye. For more information visit

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