MXL Introduces 990 USB Stereo Condenser Microphone

Ease-of-use and broad spatial imaging characterize new offering

El Segundo, CA – August 2007. MXL Microphones, the professional audio division of Marshall Electronics, is pleased to announce the new MXL 990 USB StereoMXL 990 USB Stereo Condenser Microphone. With electronics based upon the MXL 990–the world’s best selling studio condenser microphone–the new MXL 990 USB Stereo Condenser Microphone features two gold diaphragm capsules in an X/Y stereo configuration and delivers a big, rich sound with excellent spatial imaging. Unlike most condenser microphones, however, the MXL 990 USB is a Universal Serial Bus instrument that connects directly to a computer without the need for external mic preamps. Now, anyone requiring high quality, professional sound on their computer can record music or dialog by simply connecting to a standard USB port. Featuring support for USB 1.1 and 2.0, this exceptionally easy-to-use microphone even includes gain adjustment settings via the built-in three position attenuation switch.

Working with the new MXL 990 USB Stereo Condenser Microphone couldn’t be easier. As a plug and play device for both Windows and Macintosh, it requires no special drivers whatsoever. Simply connect the microphone’s USB cable to a computer’s USB port, and installation is quick and effortless. As a stereo microphone, the MXL 990 USB Stereo Condenser Microphone is ideal for location recording. The microphone is optimized for capturing a wide range of musical performances–both vocal and instrumental–and delivers stunning realism with broad spatial imaging, thanks to its 90-degree X/Y stereo pick-up pattern. The MXL 990 USB Stereo Condenser Microphone also has a maximum SPL (Sound Pressure Level) rating of 137 dB–making it an excellent choice for capturing loud instruments such as trumpet, saxophone, or electric guitar.

The MXL 990 USB Stereo Condenser Microphone has an extremely smooth, natural sound quality. The microphone features twin gold sputtered capsules (20 mm each) and this pressure-gradient stereo condenser microphone features a 20 Hz-20 kHz frequency response. This exceptional microphone also provides a 3-position, switchable attenuation pad with settings for Hi (0 dB), Medium (-5 dB), and Lo (-10 dB), making it easy to configure the microphone to virtually any sound source. The digital section of the microphone features a 16-bit Delta Sigma A/D converter with sampling rates of 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz. Protecting the instrument’s capsule is a heavy-duty wire mesh grill with an integrated pop filter, and behind the wire mesh, there is an LED activity light to aid users in properly orienting the microphone toward the sound source.

The new MXL 990 USB Stereo Condenser Microphone ships with a travel case, a mic stand adapter, a shock mount, a 10-foot USB cable, an owner’s manual, and an applications guide.

Wayne Freeman, MXL’s Director of Sales and Marketing, reflected on the company’s new offering, “Few items make as dramatic an impact on a recording as the microphone, and the new MXL 990 USB Stereo Condenser Microphone not only sounds terrific, but its ease of operation must be experienced to be fully appreciated. For capturing live performances, this microphone is ideal, as its polar pattern enables the microphone to deliver a broad spatial stereo image. The ability to actually hear the placement of performers throughout the stereo field is, unquestionably, one of this microphone’s most significant attributes.”

The MXL 990 USB Stereo Condenser Microphone carries an MSRP of $199.95. It is scheduled to ship Q3 of 2007.

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