JZ Microphones announces revolutionary pop filter

Riga, Latvia — July 5, 2010. JZ Microphones announces plans to release a new, unique pop filter. After having great success with the Black Hole Series microphones’ pop filter, there was no other way than to design the unique pop filter to be compatible with any microphone on the market.

[See photos of the new JZ pop filter.]

The pop filter has unique shape designed to maximally reduce plosive sounds coming to the microphone’s capsule and to maximally avoid altering the harmonic content of the sound source. The pop filter has an extended length gooseneck for ease of setup and will have a special attachment for a fast and easy action when applying the pop filter to the microphone stand.

In 2007 JZ Microphones was established in Riga, Latvia. After twenty years of designing several dozen successful microphones, microphone Designer Juris Zarins decided to redirect his experience and passion for design into his own line of handcrafted recording microphones. JZ Microphones are the combination of open-minded thinking leading to innovative approach and great experience lending deep understanding of fine microphone construction. JZ Microphones combine all the elements critical to world-class microphone design; patented capsule technology, precision electronics and innovative industrial design.

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Viesturs Balodis
JZ Microphones Ltd.
Product Specialist & Marketing
Telephone: +371 29839708

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