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Mics tagged: jensen AND ribbon

Ocean Park Audio Labs Cyclops Bidirectional Ocean Park Audio Labs Cyclops
Bidirectional Ribbon Microphone
side-address, ribbon, transformer-coupled, yoke-mount, jensen, passive-ribbon
Royer Labs SF-24V BidirectionalBlumlein Royer Labs SF-24V
Multi-Pattern Tube Ribbon Stereo Microphone
ribbon, active-ribbon, tube, stereo, 5840, transformer-coupled, xy-stereo, jensen, cathode-follower, dual-tube, made-in-usa
Royer Labs R-122V Bidirectional Royer Labs R-122V
Bidirectional Tube Ribbon Microphone
side-address, ribbon, tube, 5840, transformer-coupled, offset-ribbon, neodymium, jensen, cathode-follower, made-in-usa