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Mics tagged: dual-capsule AND haufe

Telefunken Elektroakustik Ela M 270 OmnidirectionalCardioidBidirectionalX/Y StereoMid-Side StereoBlumlein Telefunken Elektroakustik Ela M 270
Multi-Pattern Tube Condenser Microphone
side-address, large-diaphragm, tube, stereo, multipattern, transformer-coupled, 6072, ck12, condenser, dual-capsule, mid-side, xy-stereo, blumlein, haufe
Telefunken Elektroakustik R-F-T AR-70 OmnidirectionalCardioidBidirectionalX/Y StereoMid-Side Stereo Telefunken Elektroakustik R-F-T AR-70
Multi-Pattern Tube Condenser Stereo Microphone
side-address, dual-diaphragm, tube, stereo, multipattern, transformer-coupled, condenser, dual-capsule, mid-side, xy-stereo, ecc81, 12at7, haufe