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  • Wunder Audio
    5730 Misty Hill Cove
    Austin , TX
  • +1-512-338-6777

Wunder Audio

Wonder Audio is a manufacturer of boutique pro audio components, including microphones, compressors, and a console. The company is run by Mike Castoro.

The Wunder Audio website contains the following introduction:

We live, sleep, dream and breath audio and the engineering that refines detail to an obsessive edge. The PEQ1 series was born when we began to ask, “If price and market were no object, what is the absolute best mic-pre/equalizer we’re capable of producing?” What we came up with is probable overkill for 98 percent of the engineers in the world, but if you are part of the small demanding group of people that are as passionate and curious about pursuing the ridiculous best as we are, have we got the gear for you.

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