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  • Swart Amplifier Co.
    2031 Wrightsville Ave.
    Wilmington , SC 28403
  • 910.620.2512

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Swart Amplifier Co.

Swart Amplifier Co. began in the early 2000s as the brainchild of Michael Swart. Michael is a longtime musician and engineer who ended his quest for the tone he was seeking by building his own amplifier. Friends and colleagues began asking for one like it, and the company was launched.

Michael had used a variety of microphones on his amps over the years and when he came across a broken ribbon mic, he decided to repair it. After some trial and error, Swart introduced the R-2 ribbon mic in 2019. All work is done in the USA, the vast majority of it done in-house by Michael himself.

All microphones are built-to-order. As of November, 2020, the R-2 is his only mic offering but he is planning to offer an active model very soon.

Current Swart Amplifier Co. Microphones