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Silvia Classics

Silvia Classics

Silvia Classics began as a hobby restoring toy trains and then microphones for the collection. Because of so many required disciplines, such as refinishing and plating, machining, sheet metal, casting, and general refurbishment, it was decided that a business could be formed providing these services to others in need. We began by manufacturing parts from original drawings for accuracy and interchangeability.

In addition to manufacturing restoration parts, Silvia Microphones refurbished and repaired vintage ribbon microphones.

Company founder Jerry Silvia developed, manufactured, and sold two microphones of his own design. The SC-5C was, unusually, a Cardioid ribbon, inspired by the RCA BK-5. This model was briefly branded and distributed by Telefunken USA.

The company closed its doors following the passing of its founder in 2013.

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