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  • Sanken Microphone Company, Ltd.
    2-8-8 Ogikubo
    Tokyo 167-0051
  • +81-03-3392-658

Sanken Microphone Company, Ltd.

The Takeuchi Factory was founded in Tokyo in 1925 by Rihei Takeuchi, who

The Sanken Microphone Company was founded as the Takeuchi Factory in Tokyo in 1925. Renamed to Sanken in 1959, the company has remained under the control of the Takeuchi family since its inception.

Much as Neumann and Sennheiser worked with the German broadcast industry to push their product development process, Sanken has worked closely with NHK (Japan Broadcasting Cooperation) for many years. The company has delivered numerous technically innovative products, including lavalier mics, waterproof boundary mics (developed for skating events at the Olympics), and “100 kHz” extended-frequency-range microphones.

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