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Royer Labs

Microphone designer David Royer founded two companies to market his products, Mojave Audio for condenser microphone designs, and Royer Labs for ribbon microphone designs. Royer Labs was the earlier of these two companies and is the one for which he is best known. It was founded in 1998.

Royer Labs’ stated mission is to bring the uniquely natural sound qualities of ribbon microphones to the world.

We believe in better microphones for better music. Our path is constant reinvention and innovation in ribbon microphone technology. Our goal is to impart warmth, realism and musicality into the digital recording process. Our place is in every quality recording environment, from home workstations and world class studios to the concert stage. We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards of workmanship, to provide engineers with the worlds finest and most durable ribbon microphones.

Royer Labs produces two families of ribbon microphones, distinguished by ribbon construction and microphone application. The ribbons in R-series mics measure 3/16'' by 1.75'' by 2.5 microns, and are offset slightly to the front side of the case, giving usefully different sonic characteristics to the front and back lobes of the bidirectional pickup pattern.

In SF-series mics, the ribbons measure 1/16'' by 1.25'' by 1.8 microns, and are centered within the case, yielding equal response characteristics from both sides of the mic.

In 2007, the company introduced its “Live” series of ribbon mics, which incorporate heavier-gauge ribbon material to increase durability. The company claims that the change in each mic’s responsiveness and gain levels are negligible. Currently, the following mics are available in “Live” versions: R-121, R-122 and SF-24. Existing mics can be converted to “Live” architecture by swapping the ribbon and the logo badge (which is red for “Live” series mics).

All Royer mics are handbuilt in California, and carry a lifetime warranty to the original buyer. The company’s entry-level ribbon, the R-101, also includes a first free replacement ribbon.

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