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Ocean Park Audio Labs

Ocean Park Audio Labs is the brand name of microphone designer Peter Alton, of Vashon, WA.

Peter Alton, 2009

I conceived of this microphone over eight years ago… As an artist/designer I wanted to produce a microphone with modern, iconic looks (iconic like the RCA mics), but more than just looks, I wanted it to sound beautiful too. When I saw mic designs like the American R330, the Rauland Univel/Duovel, and a mic by Geloso, THAT’s what I wanted in a mic, but created with my own design form and expression.

Without naming names, the sound of my mic is similar to a few of the higher end passive ribbon mics currently on the market.

I think one of the main selling points right now is the fact that when you buy one of my microphones, you get a carefully hand crafted work of art. An incredible amount of sweat, blood and time goes into making one of them.

Current Ocean Park Audio Labs Microphones