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    Burbank , CA 91506
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Mojave Audio

Mojave Audio was founded in 1985 by David Royer as a “one-man, custom pro audio gear shop.” Needless to say, Mr. Royer went on to found Royer Labs, but has resurrected the Mojave Audio name as a home for his condenser mic designs.

The company’s first two products began as tube-circuit mods for popular FET condensers. As of 2021, the company makes a wide range of large-diaphragm studio condensers.

Many of the company’s products are assembled in China, using transformers and other components provided by Royer to the manufacturer. Additional testing is done in the US. The flagship MA-1000 tube mic is assembled in Burbank, CA.

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David Royer

There are some jobs that condenser microphones excel at, and there are other jobs where ribbon microphones are the obvious choice… I got interested in doing ribbon microphones because if you’re recording trumpets, for instance, condenser mics will tear your head off, given half a chance. But for other applications, a small-capsule omni capacitor mic will save your bacon.

So I felt that the marketplace needed good examples of both,at reasonable prices. With Royer, the decision was made early on to focus on ribbon microphones. So I saw no choice but to start the second company to deal with condenser mics.

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