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Microphone Parts

MicParts, also known as, offers numerous products for the DIY audio community:

  • large-diaphragm capsules based on the K47, K67/K87, and CK-12 designs
  • circuit replacement kits for many common and popular microphones, based on vintage designs from Schoeps and Neumann
  • all-inclusive microphone kits that provide a variety of sonic colors and textures, with a broad range of distortion characteristics (from low-distortion, pristine transformerless to rich harmonic content)

Current Microphone Parts Microphones

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Mods and Repairs

Microphone Parts

Mod Kits

A “mod kit” is a DIY circuit upgrade: a prepackaged set of hand-selected parts, bundled with a detailed, full-color instruction booklet specific to each microphone model. The company currently offers circuit upgrade kits for the following models.

FET microphone mod kits

Tube mic mod kits

Large-diaphragm replacement capsules

The company offers several large-diaphragm replacement/upgrade capsules, modeled carefully after the European originals:

  1. RK-47 - a 34mm, dual-diaphragm, single-backplate capsule that recreates the sound of the Neumann K47 capsule.
  2. RK-12 - a 34mm, dual-diaphragm, edge-terminated capsule based on the AKG CK-12. This capsule has received glowing reviews for vocal applications, and provides an affordable upgrade for C12-like tube mic mods (e.g. the Apex 460).
  3. RK-87 - a version of the Neumann K67/K87, made with 3-micron diaphragms and insulated backplates. It works in both 3-wire and 4-wire microphone designs.
  4. Selected Mods and Repairs