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Microphone Parts offers premium replacement capsules and circuit modification kits for microphones.

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Mod Kits

A “mod kit” is a DIY circuit upgrade: a prepackaged set of hand-selected parts, bundled with a detailed, full-color instruction booklet specific to each microphone model. The company currently offers circuit upgrade kits for the following models.

Mic Mod Kits with Custom PCBs

FET microphone mod kits

Tube mic mod kits

Large-diaphragm replacement capsules

The company offers six large-diaphragm replacement/upgrade capsules, modeled carefully after the European originals:

  1. RK-47 - a 34mm, dual-diaphragm, single-backplate capsule that recreates the sound of the Neumann K47 capsule.
  2. RK7 - a 32mm, dual-diaphragm, single-backplate capsule that provides a second interpretation of the K47 sound. Although slightly smaller in diameter, the capsule uses a heavier (6-micron) diaphragm, giving it a darker sound more reminiscent of vintage microphones.
  3. RK-12 - a 34mm, dual-diaphragm, edge-terminated capsule based on the AKG CK-12. This capsule has received glowing reviews for vocal applications, and provides an affordable upgrade for C12-like tube mic mods (e.g. the Apex 460).
  4. RK-67 - a 34mm, dual-diaphragm, dual-backplate, center-terminated capsule like the Neumann K67.
  5. RK-87 - a second version of the K67, made with 3-micron diaphragms and insulated backplates. This capsule was introduced to satisfy the DIY U87 builders; its internal design accommodates the 40V bias voltage in the original U87i circuit. But the capsule has become a favorite upgrade option for all styles of microphones.
  6. K67LE - a 34mm K67 derivative that is a sonic hybrid of the K47 and K67 styles. It has a milder high-frequency peak than the RK-67, and a broad mid-frequency boost not usually associated with the K67 design.
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