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  • Manley Laboratories, Inc
    13880 Magnolia Ave.
    Chino , CA 91710
  • 909-627-4256

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Manley Laboratories, Inc

Manley Labs produces boutique pro audio and home theater gear in Chino, CA: hifi preamps and power amplifiers, mixers, mic pre’s, outboard EQs and compressors, microphones, a headphone mixer and more.

Unusually, the company performs most every manufacturing and production process in-house, from circuit board manufacture, machining, and transformer winding to silkscreening and engraving. Manley houses its design, production, testing, and shipping operations in an 11,000 square foot facility.

The Manley Labs brand is used for tube gear; the Langevin brand name is used for solid-state gear.

The company was founded by David Charles St. John Manley, an audio engineering prodigy born in South Africa in 1939. The Manley brand began within David’s first US company, Vacuum Tube Logic of America, an audiophile component manufacturer. The official birth of Manley Labs, Inc., can arguably be dated to 1993, when the Manley and Langevin brands were spun off of VTL into a separate facility in Chino, CA.

David and Eveanna Manley separated in 1996; the Manley Labs company has been run since then by Eveanna, who has overseen a significant growth in business and the release of numerous highly-respected products, in both the professional audio and home audiophile markets.

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