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Lawson Inc

Lawson Microphones manufactures a small line of mics modeled after historical reference designs, such as the U47, FET 47, and Ela M 251. Each of these mics is hand-built in the US at Lawson’s facility in Nashville, TN, and is covered by a 5-year warranty and lifetime tech support.

The “L47MP” capsule used in the company’s L47MP and L47FET microphones is a derivation of the Gefell M7 originally found in the U 47. It is manufactured in-house by Lawson. (The source of the company’s CK-12 capsule, used in the L251 and L251FET, is not known.)

All current production Lawson microphones are modular; the capsule heads can be detached and swapped among the amplifier circuits, allowing users to mix and match between the M7 and CK-12 heads and both FET and tube amplifier circuits.

Current Lawson Inc Microphones