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Lauten Audio Torch Stereo

Pricing & Availability

  • MSRP: $1,699

Torch Stereo Documentation

Lauten Audio Torch Stereo

Stereo Mic Set with Stereo Bar

Lauten Torch Stereo

The Lauten ST-221 Torch was initially released as a stereo kit only, in 2008. The kit includes a padded bamboo case for the mics, two Cardioid capsules, two Omni capsules, two elastic shockmounts, two plastic mic clips, two foam windscreens, an adjustable stereo bar, two power supplies, and two Gotham audio cables.

The head amps and capsules are color-coded to ensure a good match. For example, the Cardioid capsule head marked with a red Cardioid logo should be used with the head amp marked in red. The other mic and its capsules are marked in black. This ensures that when the two mics are used for critical stereo recording, they are as well-matched in frequency response and sensitivity as possible — ±1dB on average across the frequency spectrum.

In 2011, Lauten began selling individual ST-221 Torch microphones; see the profile page linked below for more information.

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Included Accessories

Stereo Bar:Yes
Drum Rim Clamps:None
Case Style:Aluminum Flight Case

Included Microphones

Lauten ST-221 Torch

Detachable-Capsule Pencil Tube Condenser Microphone
Lauten Audio ST-221 TorchQuantity in set:2
Includes hard mounts:Yes
Includes shockmounts:Yes
Includes foam windscreens:Yes

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