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  • Josephson Engineering
    329A Ingalls Street
    Santa Cruz , CA 95060
  • 831-420-0888

Josephson Engineering News

Josephson Engineering

Founded by David Josephson, the company makes a small line of microphones with applications in the studio, on stage, and in measurement. Company principals include Josephson, Kelly Kay and David Gordon, who all work full-time at the headquarters and manufacturing facility in Santa Cruz, CA.

Josephson Engineering

MIXAs an OEM supplier, Josephson has manufactured capsules for Manley’s Gold Reference mics and for Groove Tubes’ (pre-Alesis) Series 2 and Series 3. The company has also built instrumentation mics for Meyer Sound and SYSid Labs. Josephson keeps a low profile, which is a shame, because this small, Santa Cruz, CA-based company consistently offers excellent products.

David Josephson was interviewed in Tape Op #48.

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