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Bob Heil has been a leader in the pro audio industry since opening Ye Olde Music Shop, one of the country’s first “pro audio” stores, in Marissa, IL in the mid-1960s. The store soon counted all the great touring rock acts of the day among its customers, introducing Heil gear to artists like the Who, the Grateful Dead, Joe Walsh, Jeff Beck, and Peter Frampton. Servicing the live sound needs of these bands became a full-time endeavor, leading Heil to sell the store in 1975 and focus exclusively on live sound until 1980. Throughout these years, Heil developed numerous pro audio products and technologies: fiberglass speaker horns, the Heil Talk Box, the electronic crossover circuit, the parametric EQ, and more.

A lull in the touring business gave Heil the opportunity to return to a past hobby, amateur radio. He found that imported microphones with poor sound quality had taken over the market, and introduced a number of products to restore audio fidelity: a couple small 2-band equalizers (the EQ 200 and EQ 300) and, later, some dynamic microphones designed to provide the articulation that current market leaders’ products lacked.

This set the stage for the introduction in 2003 of the Heil “Pro Line” microphones: The Classic Pro and Goldline Pro, both cardioid dynamics built around the 1 1/8'' large-diaphragm element that launched today’s “PR” series of microphones. By the Fall of 2004, the Goldline Pro had been renamed the PR 20, and by the following January, the PR 30 and PR 40 had been released. The PR 35 and PR 22 followed in 2008.

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