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Hammer Audio

Hammer Audio is a microphone maker borne out of a studio, Silver Hammer Productions, in London. Max Gale and Ed Marks - still writing and producing music - had the need for a FET condenser microphone but didn’t see any options on the market that they liked, so they built their own, the HA-872.

Max Gale
We got to the stage where we felt the studio needed a really nice FET Condenser mic or two[.] Especially something that wasn’t made in China to a really cheap price point. Luckily, Ed really likes building things as so was willing to undertake the initial R and D on the prototype which was no mean feat. Neither of us had ever done anything like this before, we just knew what we wanted and how we felt it should work and sound. Our background is very much that of two music producers and studio engineers who jumped in the deep end and learned how to build a mic the hands-on way.

After testing the microphone with their studio clients, they founded Hammer Audio in 2015 to bring the mic to market.

Current Hammer Audio Microphones